April 27, 2008

Here is an early attempt at using gouache paint. It's one of the many lake and mountain views around Whistler, BC. I spent the summer of '07 out there, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and great people.


Sam Bradley said...

hey! Glad to see you jumped in! :)

I like the painting by the way. It reminds me of the blog I mentioned to you at life drawing a couple weeks back. check it out; pretty inspiring stuff on there.


Anyhow, make sure to keep this updated! Looking forward to seeing what you post :)

Jamie Metzger said...

These are the Pixar guys, right? I'm gunna look at it some more, and hopefully be inspired to get up and paint my own mountains here in Nelson. :)

p.s. Thanks for being the first one to comment on my blog! It's all very exciting. lol

robin said...

You're a blogger now, Jamie!!! Don't worry, it's fun stuff! I'm glad you -did- start now rather than later, now people can keep up with your art!

I love the painting by the way, beautiful blue and green hues~

So, enjoy your summer, I'll keep you posted on where I end up if you keep me posted on your art ;)