March 31, 2009

Keep Your Dead Birds to Yourself

So there appears to be a surplus of dead bird reference on this blog. I may need to reflect on my current mental state. Anyway, I get some slack for not posting my animation assignments on here, so today is a milestone of sorts. After an inspiring lesson from Braden I was much more enthused about this piece than my past animations. He taught me how to better plan my scenes and really nail down the story poses before trying to fill in the inbetweens. Thanks, man. I'm stoked about diving into the next assignment; a beak sync. (Yeah, another bird...weeeeiiird.)

The Hand

Recently, the Sheridan second years were lucky enough to get into the University of Toronto Medical Labs. (Picture lots of severed and sliced body parts floating in formaldehyde.) Given a few hours to sketch the specimens, everyone was intensely working away.

Inspired by my friend, Sam Bradley, I tentatively brought out my watercolours. A while later, this hand emerged. Not the best scan of the piece, though, so I'll try to update the picture shortly. Until then, creep yourself out.

March 15, 2009

San Fan

Caught my dear friend, San, watching a film--a whole film, which is unusual for the workaholic-- and decided to do a quick oil portrait. I'm sure he liked Raging Bull more than his expression here shows. I was paying more attention to the shapes and values rather than his hypnotic state. Actually, I was foremost studying the media. I've wanted to try oil painting for a while now, but I don't really know what I'm doing with it. lol If you have any tips, please share them!

March 8, 2009


Look! I made something!

Over reading week a couple of Sheridan friends and I made a 16 hour film! It was supposed to be a 24 hour film, but thank goodness Saud got tired and called the whistle after 12 hours. I am useless after midnight anyway. Ashlyn was a hero and composited the thing, adding the extra 4 hours or so. In the end, we came out with this little ditty entitled Look Before You Leap.