December 24, 2009 progress

It's aaaaalmost done. I have to fix some of the painting and the rim lighting, but essentially this is what my completed Action Analysis assignment looks like. Short, but hopefully sweet. :) Huge thanks to Chris for helping me composite and to San for the painting feedback.

Next semester there'll be about 30 of these to take care of while making our film. Phew. Wish me luck!

December 18, 2009

AA Background

Well, hopefully this is a step up from box in a room. This is my background for the Action Analysis assignment this semester. We are finally making a completed scene with fully coloured background and animation. I will be sure to post the finished scene as soon as possible, but I wanted to show the bg first because as soon as you add a moving character to a composition that's all you watch.

The piece isn't entirely finished, but with the hectic schedule I've had recently, it might be as far as I get with it for a while. Anyway, enjoy for now.

December 16, 2009

paintin' a cardboard box

So, San's been teaching me some fancy-schmancy digital painting techniques, and what you see here is the result of one lesson. This is my first real digital painting. A simple cardboard box in a room. San said, "Make the sexiest box in a room you can." Or something like that. It's been good practice for my Action Analysis project, which has a similar feel and colour scheme. Hopefully, I'll have more dynamic compositions to show soon.