July 17, 2008

Life in Nelson

So I promised myself I would post once every two weeks this summer, but clearly that goal is a little out of reach at the moment. In an attempt to make regular posts a habit, regardless of my fears of the work being seen, here are some random life drawings from open classes in Nelson. Now, when I presented the idea of three minute gestures to this group they looked at me like I had three heads; so these are 10 - 30 minutes. At least I got a chance to try some rendering.

Also, I took a baseball to my right thumb a couple of weeks ago ending a stellar season. (Anyone who knows me well knows the previous sentence is loaded with sarcasm.) Not wanting to give up drawing, I started drawing with my left hand. I've wanted to develop my ambidextrus abilities for a while and activate the creative side of my brain, so below is a caricature that came out of this new lefty freedom.


HomeSchoolingFamily said...

Don't worry about missing your goal in blogging. We actually thought with an entire family and some close friends posting that we would be able to do daily blogs but that fell to the wayside.

Keep enjoying life. Like your blog

san said...

great that you are life drawing through the summer (unlike some * cough* people). hope ur thumb gets better soon, btw..tried calling, couldn't get through, will try again soon.

Ashlyn said...

oh no! i'm so sorry to hear about your thumb. the lifedrawings are looking good-remember you can do gestures in cafes!
i like the faces on them :)

Robin Hall said...

Hey Jamie - leave it to you to still find ways to draw with a broken thumb. You're crazy and inspiring! haha

It's great to see you lifedrawing, and the top two espeically are great. I know what you mean about the dirty looks asking for 1 minutes, hahahaaha! In Guelph we had an open life class I'd attend and I made the mistake of asking for 30s once. In the end, the 10s and 20s in that class were fine, but the 2 hours were brutal.
Keep drawing, love seeing your work!

see you in the fall!

Andrew O. Murray said...


I was in London at an open life session; when the model said he would start with 5's I asked if we could do 2's instead. He disregarded my comment saying that he felt, and I quote, " 2 minutes is a bit of an odd number."

go figure.

anywho nice work, hope to see more soon.