January 9, 2009

Life Drawing Dump

It's the end of winter break, and much to my surprise I've actually taken a break. Wow, what a concept. In theatre school they demanded that any amount of time that was allotted as break time was to be used as such. Whether it was a 10 minute stretch or a three week holiday, we allowed our bodies to rest and our minds to relax. Most importantly, we focused on other areas of our lives that also needed attention, such as investing time on hobbies and with loved ones.

Although I have been doing some personal artwork, I don't feel that it's blog-worthy yet. Feeling, still, that I should post regularly I've decided to dump some life drawings. Literally. I tend to chuck out old drawings pretty quickly, so I thought I'd share these before they hit the trash.

Being introduced, gradually, to tone and drapery. These areas become much more exciting when costume is added. The technical can make way for the dramatic, or I should say 'supports' the dramatic. Above are three drawings based on the concept of Don Quixote. It was fun to explore, and helps me remember why I go to life drawing in the first place: to tell a story!

Earlier studies of drapery and tone.

Three-point perspective.

A few selections from my last portfolio.


Dan Sprogis said...

Awesome draperies, especially in the thumbnails. Those three point perspectives look pretty tricky...but hey i've been working on my original character concept for the portfolio submission and would love some feedback from you if you dont mind doing so when you get a chance. I appreciate it! Those books you recommended helped so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie!
I'm me... Josh Wapp, the cartoonist from Nelson.
Are you still managing with your non-dominant hand? Are these drawings here from your left hand?
I've been forced to practice with it now. It's daunting as heck but I thought I was going to feel better soon with my repetitive strain injury on my right side (neck and shoulder) but now I'm still screwy. So, yeah, I'm trying the leftie bizness now. Ow, my neck hurts today on my right side! Yuck.

Braden said...

Hey Jamie, I finally made it to your blog. Anyways, I dig a lot of your clothing and tone drawings, I think you've got the right ideas you just need to practice. Keep at it, and youll get there. :)

Angela said...

Hi Jamie,

your life drawings are fabulous!
Thanks also for sharing your portfolio on the Sheridan Portfolio Review blog. I am applying for the fall 09 semester and it is very helpful to see what I need to work on for my own admission. Keep up the good work! Have a great afternoon!

Angela said...

Hey Jamie,

thanks for the comment! I'll let you know when I have my portfolio ready for your review. Have a great afternoon!