June 29, 2009

Whistler Livin'

It's been a lot of cinematography talk on here lately, so I thought I should post a sketch. One of the many Whistler patios in the sunshine. We are so spoiled here, and it's hard to focus on producing artwork when there are lakes and mountains calling your name. Plus, when you only get four months a year to travel, be active, and gain some alternative input (not that Oakville isn't stimulating enough) then you better fill your cup while you can, y'know?

On that note, I'm going outside...


Andrew Murray said...

very nice.

Draw me some whistler cartoons! :P

Mario said...

This image is amazing! It would give a terrific t-shirt.
Do you still have the original?

Jamie said...

Thanks guys.

And yeah, Mario, I have the original in a sketchbook. I'd have to check on its condition. :-/ If you're serious about a t-shirt print, let me know.

Happy summer!!

San said...

NICE, like it a lot, `i can see all the composition study lending to your work. keep it up.