December 3, 2010

The Sculptor

After a long haul, our 3rd year group film was finished last April 2010. It feels far, far in the past by now (after two internships and a semester of fourth year having come and gone), plus I think we've all made significant artistic growth since third year. Nonetheless, we did it, we learned a lot, and hopefully it was a good dress rehearsal for this year's independent films.

I suggest watching it full screen & in a dark room.


Dan said...

Awesome Jamie, what parts did you work on?

Jamie said...

Oh man, I'd have to sit down and go over it shot by shot with you. Not to mention storyboards, etc. We all have our fingerprints all over it.

Stephanie said...

If you check the embed code, change the numbers to something like this:
height="344" width="425"

that should fix it...assuming you didn't modify the blogger template

Jamie said...