May 29, 2008

Me, a commissioned artist? Wha?

Here in Nelson, someone asked me to do a sketch of friends of hers for their wedding gift. You know, something that is going to be on these strangers' walls for the next 50 years. Yeah, no biggie. *gulp*

After much hesitation, I finally decided to give it a go; but on my terms. I didn't want to do a typical pencil sketch because they're so common and ultimately boring and flat. I messed around with some pen and ink and ended up with this graphic-ish image. It's supposed to feel like the explosion of a first kiss. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Random like it.

pen, brush, and ink on watercolour paper 8 x 10


San said...

wicked! really like the composition...she kinda seems to be pushing the guy into the frame...congratulations on your commission? post more often...really look forward to these:)

Mitch K said...

I'm digging how you rendered this. The rest of your artwork is pretty rad too! I don't think I met you while I was at Sheridan -- too bad!

Take care! :D

Jamie Metzger said...

Yeah, I've noticed your comments on other Sheridan peeps blogs, but I think our paths never crossed on campus. Mitch, did you just graduate?

Andrew Murray said...

Hey Jamie,

very cool. I know what you mean when you are asked to do work like this. and pencil drawings are so lame. This looks really nice. your drafting skills are really good. keept it up.

christine said...

this is fantastic! keep on posting..i love seeing your progression as an artist :)

Nathan Dickey said...

nice! I like how the girls hair turned out