May 12, 2008

takin' a stab at watercolour

This is the same painting

taken first with a camera (right) and second with a scanner (below).

I think the actual painting falls somewhere between the two.

But here you have it, my first full watercolour painting!

(I usually hate flower paintings, and would never have tried this, but it was actually harder than I thought.)


Sam Bradley said...

pssh, look at you, you're putting me to shame! This is great. :)

Jamie Metzger said...

lol -- Thanks, Sam. :)

Alina Chau said...

beautiful watercolor!

San said...

these are beautiful this rate, your gonna be ridiculously good by the end of summer. :)

amir avni said...

Well done Jamie!

I can never get scans of my paintings to look right either, I wonder how professionals do it...Maybe one day we'll crack the secret.

Andrew Murray said...

hey Jamie,

nice to see the blog finally. How goes your summer? hopefully Ill get some more story stuff brewing in me to post. til then ill keep you posted.