August 20, 2008

The Ink & Paint Girls

A group shot of the Ink and Paint department at the Burbank lot.

What's in a name? Well, it seems like a lot when it comes to blogs. It can show your personality, your astounding ability to alliterate, or your complete lack of creativity as was found in my unique title "Jamie Metzger". No more, my friends! My blog officially has a name!

"Not Just an Ink 'n Paint Girl" was a phrase that popped up when my friend, Ashlyn, and I were talking about how far the role of women has come in the animation industry. We vowed to make t-shirts that proclaimed our (womankind's) progress and achievement, and I made one of those reliable mental notes to label my blog with the triumphant slogan.

For those who aren't familiar with Disney's legendary Ink and Paint department, it was filled with talented, hard-working women whose final touches are the images we actually see in the Disney classics. More information is just a Google search away.

Let's clarify that I have the utmost respect for these women, and in no way is this a jab at Disney for not including women in his animation boys club. Times were different, and times have changed. That's all.
The cheerful lady now adorning the top of my page is a symbol of classic 1950's style merged with modern animation. And, yes I'll say it out loud and proud, I like Disney!

So, welcome everyone to "Not Just an Ink 'n Paint Girl" where, with a lot of time and effort, I hope to live up to the claim.


christopher said...

so just wondering will you be available to clean-up and colour my 4th year film? that would be awesome, thanks.

san said...

It's Perfect:)and don't need anyone to 'clean up' ur drawings...even your ROUGHS are friggin clean;)

Jo said...

so much fun in this blog! lovely paintings and drawings jamie. their wonderful.

Jamie Metzger said...

you guys! thank you...except Chris. lol

Marcello Souza Filho said...

great your blog is very nice!!! perfect drawing!!!! it´s like a Hana barbera

Nancy said...

Just for the record, Jamie...that's not the Hyperion Avenue studio. That's the ink and Paint Building at the Burbank lot. I would assume it was taken when the building opened (1939)
One of my friends is probably in there somewhere, but I would need a higher resolution photo to identify her.

Jamie said...

LOL I'll change that info, thanks, Nancy.