August 12, 2008

Shambhala, Baby! (PART II)

After a week of all-nighters on the ranch and dancing away to the best DJs, we're finally back from Shambhala 2008! As promised, I'm going to attempt to relay the reactions to my mural.

Well, first off, it was pretty funny to see some hardcore ravers on psychedelics staring at the board. Must have looked awfully funky dancing around. Secondly, and more impressively, I saw people taking pictures of and WITH my piece! That was crazy cool. Gotta admit it felt sweet to have people ooohing and ahhhing over it. :) Maybe I will consider more gigantic works of art in the future. As for now, the 10' x 13' animation paper seems mighty welcoming.

Happy Shambhala, everyone!


Andrew O Murray said...

Sounds awesome Jamie,

Looking forward to seeing you in Sept.
I...I literally sat her for 15 mins trying to think of something witty to say about your masks...but I got nothing. lol see you soon!

Andrew O Murray said...

oh yeah, forgot to mention I had some people who were asking questions regarding your portfolio from 2007, so I told them to just find your blog, and ask you...hope thats cool.

Jamie Metzger said...

yeah, that's cool. thanks. oh, btw, Mayerson's Sheridan Students blog says I posted my portfolio...kinda made me feel like a conceited biatch. Maybe you could tell him otherwise??? :)

Andrew said...

I'll look into it.

nice banner by the way!

Jamie Metzger said...
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