February 16, 2009

I'm Digitally Painting!...sorta

We've started digital painting classes at school, and I've also been taking Imaginism's digital painting course weekly. I'm learning all the fancy tools and tricks of Photoshop, and still feeling like a massive rookie. Nonetheless, I've produced a semi-finished painting. I feel it's a lie to call it a painting, as there was technically no paint involved and it's a grayscale. I've produced a jpeg. There that's fitting.

Being the over-zealous student I am sometimes, this is actually an extremely rough and early concept sketch for my fourth year film. You can never be too prepared, right? I'll fill you in more when I'm closer to developing the idea further. Until then, it's best I bond with PS often and extensively.


Laura said...

I say! Your digital painting skills are coming along nicely! I'm excited to see you progress.

Sam Bradley said...

Hey Jamie, glad to see the class is working out for you! :) Make sure to share some more as you make new jpegs! hah

Angela said...

Hey great job on digital painting. It's fun, isn't it? *shudder*
Seriously though it's a great skill to have - trying to learn more about it myself. Good luck with your film.

Dan Sprogis said...

keep it up jamie youll be producing some amazing digi..i mean'jpegs' in no time. btw nice Imaginism link their work is so amazing...i hope theyre still doing their thing when I get to where you are now.