February 19, 2009

Figure Painting 101

I've recently been brave (or foolish) enough to try figure painting with watercolours. Being inspired by the bold colours of Charles Reid's figure paintings, I've definitely taken some liberties here. I do not profess to have anywhere near Charles Reid's capabilities, but hey, 'ya gotta start somewhere. Plus, slapping colour around is fun, and that's what really matters in the end.


Andrew Murray said...

brave and bold. Love the second one. every time you do something you learn from it so its not foolish in any way.


Sanatan said...

:) so excited to see where you go with this!

Angela said...

Hi Jamie,

these watercolours are great - well done!

Also, I am almost done with my portfolio - so excited! Thanks again for showing us prospective students what it takes.

christopher said...

Awesome stuff Jamie, but where the heck is the decomposed hand watercolour...by far my favourite!

Pavel Jakubec said...

Hi,Jamie,beautiful works !!!