August 28, 2009

Chili Thom

Two birds, one stone:

This week my favourite Whistler artist, Chili Thom, agreed to give me a tutoring lesson on colour. I was stoked because I think he has such exciting colours in his pieces that jump off the page. He gave me a few seemingly simple tips that are already helping my work.

The cherry on top is that I've been hankering for a longboard (think skateboard meets surfing) for about two years, and I finally found my ideal board hanging in Chili's studio! Left is my new board, and I not wait to go for a ride tomorrow. Unfortunately, I only have two days to enjoy the beautiful valley trails in Whistler, but nonetheless this is a pretty sick ride to school.

Chili has the ideal Whistler life; he is a painter, DJ, and filmaker who surfs, shreds, and more. Check his stuff out below, online, or the next time you're in Whistler...which I suggest is sooner than later.

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