August 28, 2009

Life in Whistler

Just for good measure, thought I should throw up some life drawings from the summer. We are so spoiled with free life drawing at Sheridan. When away, I appreciate it so much more. I vow to hit the open sessions 3-4 times per week this school year. Hold me to that!


Dan said...

nice work Jamie! Open sessions? Are these at Sheridan? Youll have to tell me more about this. :)

Tapan Gandhi said...

these are gorgeous, jamie!! i love the top one

Bec said...

great blog! your life drawing work is really beautiful.

(love the title btw)

Kay said...

love ur works!
Hello, I am a high school student who is seeking to attend The Sheridan Institute next year. but I can not find any imformation about the size of the application portfolio..could you just tell me what the size should be? I can not find it on the website.
thans alot


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I don't know if you heard but Richard Carver passed on. I know you knew him a bit in Nelson, probably through life drawing here.

Keep up the good work.

Josh Wapp in Nelson