May 29, 2010

Paso Doble

Now that my final year at Sheridan is creeping up, I can finally talk about my thesis film! Paso Doble is a Spanish dance between a matador and his cape. I am using this inspiration to metaphorically compare the discovery of marital infidelity to a bull fight. That all sounds very technical, but it's really heated, passionate, and aggressive. I am hoping to marry my musical theatre and animation passions in this fantasia-type piece.

When I first came to Hans, I had nailed down the storyboards after many revisions, but he felt that I was playing it too safe with the style. (I was.) This month he had me explore many abstract and modern artists, and to my surprise a style was actually emerging. Being more of an animator, I've never developed a style for a film before, but I now see that the story and the style must inform each other.

Above is a one of my very quick explorations of a potential style. It most likely will differ from this look, but it's one idea along the way...


Scott Forbes said...

Beautiful work, Jamie! I am really excited for your film. Post more soon!

Sam! said...

Hey Jamie,

Seems like you're headed in the right direction. Can't wait to see where you end up with this :)

Wesley Blondin said...

more plz.
hope your having LOADS OF FUN.
this is really great stuff, i enjoy reading your thoughts mucho also.


Dan Sprogis said...

Awesome Jamie, I'm glad you're liking it out East. Can't wait to see more!