June 9, 2010

Charlie B . 01 . The Sultan

The Sultan from Jamie Metzger on Vimeo.

Here are the keys for my first assignment with my animation mentor, Charlie Bonifacio. Working on this piece was like an animation boot camp. Think about fitting two years of education into 4 weeks. It was pretty great. There are tweaks to be made, and in-betweens to fill in, but that will have to wait because it's on to the next assignment.

*character design by Robin Joseph, and revised by Charlie.


Dan Sprogis said...


christopher said...

good stuff jame!
you've been improving with leaps and bounds

Ricepot said...

yeah, I totally agree, this looks really good !! damn u- hard working awesomeness XD

Dylan said...

very awesome stuff! super impressive

j.etienne said...

it's magic!(much more lively than 3D,in my opinion!)